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How does a virtual challenge work?

You get to run, walk, hike, bike, canoe or kayak (or any combination thereof) the distance of your choice at the location of your choice at the time of your choice!  Signing up makes you accountable to finishing- a big plus! You can complete your challenge on your own or get your friends and family to join you!


Can I mix walking and running?

You sure can!  You get to decide on what you do- go for it!  As long as you keep moving, you are meeting your challenge. 


Can I mix walking, running, hiking, canoeing, kayaking and cycling?

You betcha!  Do it all!


How do I track my miles?

Run Sign Up will allow you to log your progress and results.  Simply log into your Run Sign Up account profile.  You may also write down daily your daily distance and time. When you are finished, tally your total time and upload your results with us. 


How do I upload my finishing time?

We will email you  with a link to upload your time.  You will enter your name, time, address and submit.


Can I complete multiple miles in one day at different times?

Yes!  Just keep track of your distance and you are good to go.


Is there bling?

Yes!  You will receive a finisher’s medal and a car decal upon completion of your challenge. Other amenities may be included in your finisher packet as well.


Can I complete more than just one challenge?

Yes!  For every challenge you complete, you will receive something to add on to your original medal.


Will I receive a t-shirt?

You can purchase a t-shirt on our merchandise page.  We will ship these items to you.  This page changes so check back often.


Is there a minimum or maximum age for completion of these events?

If you can move, you can participate!


What is a team?

Some of the challenges are really LONG!  Put together a team- as large as you please-  and complete the distance together.  Team members must register on their own and your team can decide distances each member will complete.  Each team member will receive a medal noting the completion of the event. Have your team captain name the team when registering. If joining a team, search for the team on the Run Sign Up registration site. 


How will I receive my medal?

All medals will be mailed to home addresses within two weeks of event completion.

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